Pokemon Go Wurmple Evolution: how one can evolve Wurmple into Silcoon, Cascoon, Beautifly and Dustox


On the planet of Pokemon, the overwhelming majority of creatures evolve in the identical approach. This varies from recreation to recreation, however in Pokemon Go this normally means feeding a certain quantity of sweet. A handful of Pokemon are completely different, nevertheless – and such is the case for Wurmple.

Wurmple isn’t probably the most thrilling of Pokemon – it’s a lowly bug-type Pokemon added within the third technology, a little bit spiky grub that ultimately enters a cocoon kind after which turns into one thing else completely. Nonetheless, Wurmple is pretty distinctive in that you just by no means fairly know what you’re going to get once you evolve it – it will possibly evolve down certainly one of two distinctive and particular strains of evolutions. On this web page, we clarify Wurmple evolution, simply to dispel any questions you may need about how the mechanic works.

Pokemon Go Wurmple evolution: how one can evolve to Silcoon & Beautifly or Cascoon & Dustox

As is at all times the case when a Pokemon has a extra difficult evolution, folks have questions. And we’re right here to reply these questions – so let’s get it out of the best way. Principally, Wurmple can evolve two distinct methods in Pokemon Go:

  • By evolving into Silcoon, Wurmple can in the end evolve into the butterfly-like Beautifly. (Wurmple > Silcoon > Beautifly)
  • By evolving into Cascoon, Wurmple can attain the ultimate evolution of Dustox, which is in fact based mostly on a moth. (Wurmple > Cascoon > Dustox

No matter during which path the pair evolve, it’ll at all times price 12 Wurmple Sweet on your first evolution (Wurmple to Silcoon or Cascoon), and 50 Sweet on your second evolution (Silcoon or Cascoon to Beautifly or Dustox).

What you’re in all probability questioning, inevitably, is that if there’s any technique to affect this. As an example, you possibly can famously use some names as a little bit ‘cheat code’ to get to each single Eevee Evolution in Pokemon Go… however sadly, that’s not the case right here. The little query mark you see subsequent to Evolve button for Wurmple is completely random – you possibly can’t affect it in anyway.

The excellent news is that it’s a 50/50 likelihood between the 2 – so whilst you may get a little bit unfortunate and get a couple of of the identical Pokemon in a row, you’ll positively get each shortly sufficient. The prospect is nowhere close to as diluted as with Eevee. Additionally, the sweet prices are low-cost – it couldn’t be significantly better or extra honest.

When you get Silcoon or Cascoon, your subsequent evolution is about – Silcoon turns into Beautifly, and Cascoon into Dustox. It’s simply the primary part that has a random ingredient.

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