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That is right, PlayStation has just revealed the new PlayStation 5 Dualsense controller. The controller will no longer a Dualshock controller like the two previous versions that came with the PS4 and PS3.

According to the post on the official PlayStation blog post about the controller, the design does change a bit from the Dualshock controller. There are a few improvements to the controller done as per Sony which we will cover in this article.

Haptic Feedback & Adaptive Triggers

The new PS5 Dualsense controller introduces Haptic Feedback like when driving cars through mud and also includes Adaptive Triggers to L2 and R2 buttons to get that accurate shot for example when drawing a bow to shoot an arrow.

Create Button

They have also replaced the Share button on the top left of the controller to a new button called the ‘Create’ button. How this features differs from the Share button is not yet explained, however more details will be revealed soon on this.

Built-in Microphone

This was something that everyone pretty much had been looking forward to. Eliminating the use of a headphone to communicate or chat with other players during online game play.


They even went astep ahead to change the color scheme of the controller. Traditionally PS controllers only came in one solid color. Unless you got a special edition version or you customized the controller yourself. The new Dualsense controller will now come in a two toned color scheme as illustrated in the pictures above. Besides the color, the Dualsense controller also features a USB-C charging port which could mean faster charging.

What are your thoughts about the PS5 Dualsense controller?


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