Restricted Time Astral Lockbox! | Neverwinter


Step proper as much as the Wondrous Bazaar for the restricted time Astral Lockbox! These lockboxes can solely be bought with Astral Diamonds and don’t require enchanted keys to open!

Astral Lockbox inventory arrives Thursday, December 31 at 10am PT (19:00 CET)

Astral Lockbox inventory runs out Thursday, January 7 at 10am PT (19:00 CET)

The Astral Lockbox comprises one random merchandise from every of the columns:


One of many following

And one of many following

And one of many following

Random Legendary Mount

Enchanting Stone, Rank 6

Legendary Insignia 

Random Epic Mount

Mark of Efficiency, Rank 7

Epic Insignia

Random Epic Companion

Mark of Efficiency, Rank 6

Uncommon Insignia

2 Genie’s Items

Mark of Efficiency, Rank 5

four unusual Insignia

5 Companion Improve Tokens

Enchanting Stone, Rank 5

2 Stronghold Vouchers

2 Dice of Augmentation

Sensible Diamond

Epic Career Complement


2 Alexandrite

2 Uncommon Career Complement

Tarmalune Commerce Bar Jackpot

2 Blood Ruby

four Unusual Career Complement





The Legendary Mount that may drop consists of:

  • Legendary Hellfire Engine
  • Swift Golden Lion
  • Legendary Carpet of Flying
  • Legendary Triceratops
  • Legendary Volcanic Flail Snail

Word: Legendary Mounts are account-wide unlock.


The random Epic Mount drop consists of the Epic model of the above listed mounts.


The Epic Companion that may drop consists of:

  • Savage Allosaur
  • Bulette Pup
  • Deepcrow Hatchling
  • Dancing Defend
  • Phoera
  • Razorwood



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