SonicFox Confirmed Up To A Mortal Kombat Occasion In Typical SonicFox Style


Well, at least SonicFox is wearing a mask.

Properly, a minimum of SonicFox is sporting a masks.
Screenshot: WePlay Esports / Kotaku

Yesterday the WePlay Esports Final Preventing League kicked off a dwell Mortal Kombat 11 event that includes a handful of worldwide gamers together with Dominique “SonicFox” McLean. The opening ceremony was like several typical esports occasion, full with a DJ and the kombatants (official time period, Ed Boon says it’s required) standing solemnly on stage earlier than the karnage (once more, required) may start.

Aside from SonicFox, who doesn’t do something solemnly.

Oh SonicFox you extraordinary human being, you. Standing underneath the trans flag because the announcer calls you the “defender of trans rights” in a full fursuit at a combating sport event is simply…fucking unimaginable. It’s a simultaneous proclamation of trans rights whereas additionally being an express declaration to queer Black folks to ignore haters and easily be. I like SonicFox for that, their unwillingness to exist quietly constrained inside the boundaries of what society deems applicable. It’s doubly inspiring that they do that inside the notoriously shitty, poisonous masculinity cesspit that the combating video games group (and esports at giant) can at occasions be.

It’s value noting that the event organizer, WePlay Esports, additionally deserves props for letting SonicFox be themself.

Although in the event that they hadn’t, SonicFox being the outspoken LGBTQIA advocate they’re, would have absolutely tell us. Oh, and that event they’re in? They’re at the moment undefeated. SonicFox is pure 200% loud and proud queer Black excellence and we have now no selection however to stan.


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