Star Wars: Republic Commando Overview (Change eShop)


A very long time in the past…nicely, in 2005, LucasArts took a little bit of a danger and threw us all a curveball with a Star Wars providing that eschewed Jedis and lightsabers, the Pressure, epic dogfights and far of the fantastical heroics that followers anticipate from the collection, in favour of a darkish and gritty tactical tackle everybody’s favorite area opera. Star Wars: Republic Commando was, fairly rightly, very nicely obtained upon launch and nonetheless recurrently finds itself ranked within the prime ten Star Wars video games of all time to this present day. However, some sixteen(!) years down the road, does it nonetheless maintain up? Is it value leaping into another time on this Change port?

Properly, surprisingly sufficient, the reply is a fairly resounding sure. We had our doubts as we booted this one up — most first individual shooters from the 2000s do not often are likely to age significantly nicely (until they’re Half Life 2) and might typically be a little bit of a ache to return to — however what’s right here remains to be an excellent time certainly. Blasting your manner throughout Geonosis with a view to assassinate separatist chief Solar Fac, investigating the darkened corridors of the derelict Prosecutor assault ship and mounting a Wookie rescue mission within the forests of Kashyyk really feel virtually pretty much as good in the present day because it did again once we first bought to grips with this one, and that is principally right down to the sport’s splendidly well-implemented squad system and a modern HUD that actually would not appear misplaced in a contemporary shooter.

Directing your three AI teammates round in Star Wars: Republic Commando is simply such a supremely easy and satisfying factor to do. Whether or not you are ordering them to take up a sniping place to get a tactical benefit over incoming enemies, rig traps on explosive barrels, breach doorways, disarm mines, slice consoles, revive downed comrades — together with your self — or get themselves healed up at a Bacta dispenser, Scorch, Fixer and Sev are by no means something lower than a pleasure to work with. By merely aiming your reticule at an icon representing any considered one of these instructions as they seem all through the sport’s world, your group will hurriedly get to work, well and capably coping with threats as they accomplish that. You too can maintain within the ‘A’ button for an additional layer of tactical alternative, enabling you to name your group to kind up round you, search and destroy, safe areas and focus hearth on chosen enemies.

For a recreation that takes place, for probably the most half, in tightly confined corridors, this wealth of choices in the way you direct your small unit round offers the entire endeavour an exhilarating sense of precise teamwork. You actually do get to really feel as if you are accountable for a badass, genetically-enhanced commando squad, infiltrating harmful enemy territory and laying absolutely the laser smack down. This sense of camaraderie, of working collectively and directing your males, is then additional enhanced by fixed radio chatter that manages to imbue this group of tremendous troopers with precise personalities.

There’s sensible use of sound results and music from the flicks too, in addition to some top-notch authentic compositions by the sport’s composer, Jesse Harlin. That is atmospheric stuff that is aware of precisely when to deploy its signature Star Wars noises and makes good use of the perfect components of the prequel trilogy. The splendidly well-designed battle droids from these motion pictures make for entertaining cannon-fodder, making all the suitable dying sounds and falling aside in a satisfying method as you drill them together with your weapons. Your HUD, designed to mimic the within of a Clone Trooper’s helmet, additionally provides a lot to the ambiance right here, retaining all of your very important information front-and-centre with out it getting in the best way. It additionally allows you to change to a tactical mode that highlights particular person teammate’s places and a low-light evening imaginative and prescient mode that provides the motion a weirdly life like and gritty look as you mow down enemy models within the darkness.

By way of weapons, your default commando gun well morphs into a number of totally different types, with a handful of attachments that allow you to change between assault rifle, sniper and grenade launching modes. Useless enemies additionally drop some candy boomsticks which you could decide up and use at your leisure, with the shotgun right here a very satisfying addition to your armoury that is nice for blasting nice large inexperienced holes in slavers and is properly complemented by a concussion rifle that makes quick work of mechanical menaces.

In addition to weapons, you even have a bunch of various grenade varieties to cycle by means of, every of which is finest used to manage and corral sure varieties of enemies. You may want pulse grenades to take out the bigger varieties of battle droids, for instance, sending them into electro-convulsions and decreasing their shields with a view to get some photographs in, whereas thermal detonators are finest chucked into busy corridors filled with fleshy foes.

In fact this is nonetheless a sixteen-year-old recreation and there is no doubt that what’s on supply right here, even with the advantages of that sensible squad system, does really feel moderately long-in-the-tooth in some regards. There isn’t any getting away from the moderately dated visuals, which undoubtedly look cleaner right here however can nonetheless be moderately arduous on the eyes in locations, and the structure of the quick ranges is resolutely linear, hall upon samey hall of moderately repetitive enemies to relentlessly pound your manner by means of. The story is serviceable sufficient whereas it lasts, although it ends abruptly and with none fanfare in any way after simply seven or so hours. This can be a fairly fundamental port too, there is no gyro assist — though it is not significantly crucial right here — and past a little bit of a decision enhance, a barely perceivable lick of paint, modernised controls and HD Rumble, what you have bought is just about equivalent to the sport because it was again in 2005, sans that model’s glorious multiplayer mode.

Nevertheless, these niggles apart, Star Wars: Republic Commando is nonetheless considered one of our absolute favorite Star Wars video games and one thing of a must-play for followers of the franchise who missed out first time round. This can be a surprisingly darkish and gritty tactical tackle everybody’s favorite area saga that is aged much better than it actually had any proper too, serves up few hours of top-notch pew-pew motion and is a massively welcome addition to the Change’s at the moment moderately paltry number of Star Wars choices.


Star Wars: Republic Commando has aged surprisingly nicely and proves to be a ton of enjoyable to revisit on this admittedly moderately fundamental Change port. The squad system right here remains to be supremely satisfying to become familiar with, the HUD components are slick, and there is loads of atmospheric enjoyable available as you blast your manner by means of the three marketing campaign tales on supply. Sure, there is no doubt the extent design is archaic, there is no nice selection in enemies, the visuals have had solely probably the most fundamental of touch-ups and it is an actual disgrace the multiplayer has been utterly excised. General, although, that is nonetheless a welcome return for one of many best Star Wars online game choices.

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