The 5 Best Bikes for 2 Year Olds in 2021


Perhaps one of the most memorable gifts you can give your child when they’re young is a bike.

Learning to ride a bicycle one of the most common bonding experiences you and your child will have and it helps to create some beautiful memories for both you and your child.

It’s also a fantastic way to introduce them to a healthy hobby that can eventually grow into an eco-friendly and active form of transportation.

Building up a habit of cycling at a young age is never a bad idea, but there are hundreds of different bikes for 2-year olds so it can be difficult to pick the best first bike for your child. Thankfully, we’ve done a lot of the legwork for you.

We go over each of the bicycles in our toddler bike buyers guide below, but for those of you in a hurry here are the bikes we looked at:

Best Bikes For 2 Year Olds

It seems bicycle manufacturers are continually coming out with new toddler first bikes almost daily. To help you sift through all the choices, we looked at the top reviewed models on the market, and came up with these picks for the best bikes for 2 year olds:

So in this article, we’re going to review five of the best bikes for 2-year olds that are available. We’ve sifted through many different bikes to create this list of the best-value bikes for toddlers.

1. Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike reviewThe Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike is an excellent choice for 2-year olds to start learning how they can balance on a bike. Unlike a traditional bike, the Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike doesn’t actually have pedals but instead is low enough to the ground that your child can safely use their feet to propel the bike. This type of design is fantastic for helping children up to around the age of 5 years to learn the basics of how to balance on a bike with less risk since they won’t fall over to the side and potentially hurt themselves.

The Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike is light, comes in many great colors and the seat and handlebars can be adjusted to be comfortable for your child. No tools are required to adjust it so it’s really convenient to fit the bike to the size of your child. This is incredibly important as a feature because children grow very quickly and they’ll eventually grow too big to use traditional 2-year old bikes if it can’t be adjusted. This extra feature ensures that you’re getting your money’s worth thanks to the adjustable nature of it, meaning you won’t need to replace this bike for several years.

Overall, this bike is a fantastic purchase and will last several years before your child grows out of it. The lightweight construction lowers the chances of the bike ever harming your child and you’ll be surprised at the quality of the overall frame and inflatable wheels. If you’re looking for an early introduction to bike riding, this is a great recommendation.

2. JOYSTAR Kids Bike with Training Wheels

JOYSTAR Kids Bike reviewThe JOYSTAR Kids Bike with Training Wheels is perfectly designed for kids between the ages of 2 and 9 thanks to its adjustable seat and handlebar height. Unlike other balance-oriented bikes, the JOYSTAR Kids Bike is actually a fully-fledged bike that comes with pedals, a bell and training wheels to help your child learn how to ride a bike. It’s built with a sturdy steel frame that even comes with a lifetime warranty. Thanks to the minimum amount of maintenance needed to actually keep the bike in good working condition, it’s a fantastic investment that can last 8 or more years and will continue to give your child plenty of fun.

Most of the bike comes assembled when you purchase it, meaning it’s simple to set up and even comes with a bonus custom decal that your kids can stick onto the bike to make it their own. It only takes around 20 minutes to set up and it comes with all the necessary tools. All; you need is a pump for the tire and the bike is ready to be used. Support is also very helpful (albeit a bit slow) so if there are any missing parts or confusion about the bike, support is always available to give you advice.

To conclude, the JOYSTAR Kids Bike is a great choice that mimics how a regular bike works. The training wheels are a fantastic addition that can be removed in the future once your kids get used to riding the bike, the custom decal is a nice touch and the ease of installation will ensure that your kids can get on their bike shortly after it arrives. It’s far better in quality compared to bikes you can get at large stores and the price is incredibly reasonable.

3. Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike

Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike reviewAs a balance bike, the Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike is a different approach to teaching kids how to ride a bicycle. By taking a no-pedal approach, kids will learn to balance by pushing using their feet while being able to quickly correct themselves before they fall over. This provides a surprising amount of safety to your child and minimizes the chance that they’ll be hurt. The Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike is one of the best bikes for a 2-year old because of how lightweight it is. It weighs just 4.4 pounds and it works on a number of different terrain types.

The Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike comes in a bunch of different colors, meaning your kids will be able to pick a bike that really speaks to them in terms of the design. It’s also constructed well thanks to the rust-free anodized aluminum which also makes it very light and easy to maintain. When picking the best bike for a 2-year old, it’s vital that you choose a bike that is light enough for your child to use, and the Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike is a fantastic choice that offers incredible comfort, personalization options and excellent build quality.

For a bike that can really stand on its own as a worthwhile investment, the Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike is a fantastic choice and should be considered despite its price being a little higher than the other choices on this list. Thankfully, that price offers you superior quality and a lighter frame that makes it worth it.

4. RoyalBaby Honey & Buttons Kids Bike

RoyalBaby Honey & Buttons Kids Bike reviewThe RoyalBaby Honey & Buttons Kids Bike is a bike for 2-year olds that comes packed with features. It comes with a fashionable frame in many different colors and there’s a lot of different configurations such as with training wheels or with a kickstand instead. These configurations make it easy to pick the right bike for your child’s needs, but it does mean that you’ll need to consider how comfortable your child will be on the size of the bike. This can be a bit of a problem considering how quickly kids grow up, but it shouldn’t be a huge concern as long as you purchase the bike that is just right for your child as comes with adjustable seat and handlebars.

The RoyalBaby Honey & Buttons Kids Bike is everything you can expect from a solid bike for 2-year olds that can teach them all of the essential fundamentals. It comes with heavy-duty tires, training wheels, a foam saddle and training wheels (with the right configuration) that can help them get used to riding. It’s very easy to assemble and surprisingly sturdy for the price.

Overall, the only complaint about the RoyalBaby Honey & Buttons Kids Bike is that it comes in too many configurations based on the size. This means that the bikes designed for a smaller range of ages compared to other bikes on this list. For instance, the 12” RoyalBaby Honey & Buttons Kids Bike is designed for ages 3 to 4, while the 18” is for ages 5 to 9. This makes it rather difficult to recommend it as a long-term investment unless you’re willing to buy a larger one in the future.

5. Raleigh Bikes MXR 12 Kids Bike

Raleigh Bikes MXR 12 reviewThe Raleigh Bikes MXR 12 Kids Bike is a brilliant bike that is designed for ages 2 and above. It’s built with a sturdy steel frame and has fairly large 12-inch wheels that are surprisingly good at handling different types of terrain. It comes with training wheel attachments and a cool red color that is sure to be popular. As one of the more popular bike brands, Raleigh delivers on quality which matches their reputation. The training wheels can easily be removed once your child is more comfortable riding and the overall quality of this bike is fantastic.

One of the things that might put people off buying this bike is the serious lack of any customization. Because it only comes in a single red color, it doesn’t offer your children any personalization. This could be a huge problem especially if your child isn’t a fan of the loud red color, but for others, it might be incredibly popular.

Regardless of the color, the quality speaks for itself and Raleigh provide an excellent level of support that you won’t see with relatively unknown brands. If you want a sturdy bike for a 2-year old that is going to last until they outgrow it, then choosing this Raleigh Bikes MXR 12 Kids Bike is going to be well worth your investment. It’s a little pricey considering it’s only designed for ages 2 to 4, but it’s going to be a much better experience than cheaper alternatives.

Learning To Ride A Strider Bike

If you learned to ride a bike with pedals and training wheels, the concept of a strider bicycle may be foreign. Here is a good YouTube video showing how a youngster learns to ride on his bike:


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