The brand new Mario Kart speedrunning craze is known as ‘Blue Your self,’ and it is a hoot



Tobias Fünke actually must hearken to himself when he talks. However he did provide you with a hell of a catchphrase, so we’ll let it slide.

You guessed it: the brand new speedrunning craze in Mario Kart eight Deluxe (which remains to be a wildly profitable recreation with over 33 million gross sales underneath its belt) is known as “Blue Your self.” It entails making an attempt to hit your self with a blue shell as shortly as potential, and there’s a fierce competitors happening proper now within the Mario Kart neighborhood.

To realize this process, you will purchase increase gadgets, strategically cling again so your odds of getting a blue shell are excessive, then increase forward shortly and “blue your self” with the blue shell. There’s likelihood concerned, however given how shortly runs are, it is not maddening. The entire course of takes roughly 40 seconds or much less.

Only recently, YouTuber Skilloz (beneath) beat out the world report of GsFlint, which was set at 39.56 seconds. Skilloz managed to sneak underneath with an honest chunk of additional time, clocking in at 37.89 seconds with Child Peach.

I feel probably the most virtuous features of the speedrunning neighborhood is when people make up new parameters and persist with them as a bunch. The “All Canine Treasures” runs in Breath of the Wild are proof of that.




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