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    The Finest Video games Set Throughout The Holidays

    PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PC

    Many Yakuza video games may discover a place on this checklist, contemplating most happen across the winter holidays, however Yakuza 5 leans into that side of the setting and season probably the most. Christmas in Yakuza’s Japan is nice, however we’re going to focus on one specific a part of the sport right here: The Santa Hunters. Going down in Chapter 4, while you get near a sure hideout entrance you’re tasked with discovering, you encounter a person on the bottom dressed as Santa. You determine to assist him by discovering the Santa Hunters, a gaggle of people that beat up Santas. It’s as comical and as Yakuza because it sounds. If you happen to change right into a Santa outfit as instructed to seek out the group, you study that the Santa Hunters is likely to be a gaggle of youngsters who need their presents early. Saejima yells at them that they’ll get their presents on Christmas day, however that doesn’t do it, so he flees. After a brief chase, Saejima runs into the true Santa Hunters – a gaggle of criminals who take pleasure in beating up Santa Clauses as a result of they don’t like the vacation. Primarily, you’ve discovered the Grinch(es) of the Yakuza universe. Whereas Dr. Seuss’ well-known story lets the Grinch run rampant and virtually smash the vacation, Seajima stops these Grinches proper of their tracks with some roundhouse kicks and a few strong sucker punches. It’s what all of us wished to do to the Grinch the primary time we heard the story, proper?



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