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    The Greatest Group Composition For Bind

    Bind is among the extra easy maps in VALORANT by way of bombsite takes. In contrast to a number of the different maps in VALORANT, Bind doesn’t function a “Center” space in its map format. The map is solely an A and B website format, making issues less complicated for each Attackers and Defenders.

    Web site entry factors into any of the 2 bomb websites in Bind are choke factors. As such, Brokers who can successfully cowl these factors (defending) and filter corners and cubbies on the best way to the positioning (Attacking) are essentially the most beneficial Brokers on Bind.

    With this in thoughts, listed below are the strongest Brokers at the moment on Bind. Let’s go!

    The Greatest Group Composition on Bind: Sova, Raze, Sage, Skye, Astra


    Sova does his greatest recon work in maps with wide-open areas. Bind’s two bomb websites have a comparatively open and spacious skybox freed from obstacles corresponding to tall towers and partitions, not like maps corresponding to Break up. Sova’s Signature Skill, Recon Bolt, may be simply lined-up and positioned, so it reveals a lot of the bomb websites in Bind.

    Likewise, Sova’s Owl Drone could be very helpful in Bind as it could simply clear corners in Hooka, Showers, and A-short.

    Our Russian Initiator’s fast benching again in Break up expectedly didn’t final lengthy, as Sova is among the greatest Initiators within the recreation who works wonders on about any map.


    Raze additionally took a fast again seat in Break up, no because of Jett, who actually does a lot extra for her staff on Break up. Nonetheless, on Bind, Raze is the celebrity Duelist who edges out Jett ever so barely by way of total injury.

    Bind is filled with chokepoints and tight alleys in the direction of both of the 2 bomb websites. Raze’s Paint shells work properly right here, as her grenades can cowl a ton of house and deal a boatload of harm to enemies across the tight entryways. Likewise, because of Bind’s slender alleyways, Raze’s Increase Bot can simply filter tight corners and cubbies as properly.

    Nonetheless, essentially the most highly effective potential in Raze’s package on Bind is her Double Satchels. With Raze’s Double Satchels, she will be able to cowl a ton of house upon website entry and pave the best way for her teammates to securely enter the bomb website.

    General, Raze is a really highly effective and versatile Agent on Bind. Her skills are accentuated by the positioning format, which, total, assist her develop into a extra viable choose than arguably one of the best Duelist in Jett on Bind.


    Sage is a superb choose on any map with tight and slender entryways into the bomb website. Her Wall Orb is a really efficient rush-stopper, and her gradual is nice for delaying the enemy staff’s push.

    With solely two bomb websites on Bind, flanking shall be a breeze for you and your staff (in the event you’re enjoying Protection) when the enemy staff decides to surrender their cowl and shoot down your wall to enter the positioning. When Attacking, Sage’s Wall Orb can successfully cut up A-site into 1/3 when her wall is positioned accurately outdoors Showers or Tank.

    Sage could have that added advantage of with the ability to heal her teammates and revive them at any time when she acquires a full cost on her final.


    Having two Initiators in a single staff would appear like overkill, particularly when Sova is already within the lineup, however hear us out for a second.

    We preserve reiterating how slender the entryways into both A or B bombsite in Bind is. Defending will virtually all the time be a cinch due to how predictable and simple it’s to pre-aim these entryways. To counteract this, your staff’s Initiators should filter each tight nook in your staff’s solution to the positioning.

    Skye’s Flash and Trailblazer can simply push away Defenders hiding in cubbies and key areas round Bind corresponding to Hooka, U-Corridor, and Showers. Skye’s mixture of skills can doubtlessly grant your staff a simple corridor go into any of the 2 bomb websites as any Defender lurking round these spots shall be flashed to kingdom come by Skye’s Guiding Gentle.


    The final spot on this Bind Roster goes to Astra. Astra does her greatest work on maps with a ton of chokepoints, as Astra can use these choke factors to arrange her smokes, concussive blast, and most significantly, her Gravity Effectively.

    She can be a flexible smoker who can place smokes from principally wherever on the map. Because of her cooldown-based smokes, she will be able to additionally re-smoke areas different areas on the map as wanted.

    General, Astra is an incredible Agent on Bind who can play the Sentinel function on Protection and a Smoker function on Assault.

    Group Bind

    Bind’s easy format helps Brokers like Raze and Astra do their greatest work because of their highly effective area-of-effect skills. Initiators corresponding to Sova and Skye may also help their staff by clearing corners and pushing away enemies lurking inside cubbies and shut corners on the map. Sage is an superior Assist Agent who does properly in nearly any map in VALORANT, Bind being no exception.

    That’s about it! These are essentially the most highly effective Brokers at the moment on Bind. This well-rounded roster is geared for each Attacking and Defending on Bind and may make fast work of website takes and website protection. Preserve an eye fixed out for upcoming updates and patches that may shuffle round an Agent or two on this lineup. For now, although, it doesn’t get any higher than this.



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