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    The Knox Field! | Neverwinter

    You’ve heard of “A Field for Knox” however now, for a restricted time, put together for A Field from Knox!

    Knox Field begins Wednesday, November 24 at 7:30am PT

    Knox Field ends Thursday, December 2 at 7:30am PT

    The Knox Field is a brand new reward field that provides assured rewards after opening a sure variety of bins. The tooltip additionally signifies the prospect of getting any given merchandise. 

    The next objects are assured rewards on the specified field open quantity:

    • 10 opens – Mount (both unusual, uncommon, epic, legendary, or mythic)
    • 25 opens – Companion (both unusual, uncommon, epic, legendary, or mythic)
    • 50 opens – Pack of fifty Mount Improve Tokens
    • 75 opens – Pack of fifty Companion Improve Tokens
    • 100 opens – 1000 Commerce Bars
    • 125 opens – 1x Coal Ward
    • 150 opens – Knox’s Selection Pack (Mythic Mount or Mythic Companion Selection pack)

    As soon as 150 bins have been opened, the bar will reset and will be stuffed once more.

    Acquiring The Knox Field

    Zen Market – Knox Packing containers will be bought within the Zen Market (10 Packing containers for 525 Zen – Worth contains the 30% off low cost at the moment occurring).

    Dungeon Chests – Whereas the Knox Field is lively, there may be additionally an opportunity for these bins to drop from dungeon chests.

    Reward Claims Agent – All gamers will get 5 free Knox Packing containers per account, claimable on the RCA whereas Knox Field is lively (see dates above). The contents of Knox Packing containers obtained through the RCA are certain to account.

    Astral Diamonds – Gamers should buy Knox Packing containers for 40,000 AD per field whereas Knox Field is lively (see dates above). A max of 5 Knox Packing containers will be bought on the Wondrous Bazaar throughout this time. The contents of Knox Packing containers bought on the WB are certain to account.

    Guarantees Made, Guarantees Stored – In honor of the formidable Sergeant Knox, Lord Neverember will enable gamers to trade as much as 3 Promissory Notes per account on the Wondrous Bazaar for a free Knox Field per be aware. The contents of Knox Packing containers obtained through Promissory Observe trade on the WB are certain to account.


    Further Information

    • Clicking “Open One other” will open the same-binding model of the field that was beforehand opened. For instance, if a Certain content material model of the Knox Field is opened from the stock, deciding on Open One other within the Knox Field reward UI will open one other Certain content material model if out there. Gamers should exit the reward/monitoring UI to open a different-binding model if desired.
    • Knox Packing containers will stay within the stock, and openable, even after the occasion ends.
    • Reward monitoring progress is carried over for future runs of the occasion.

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