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    The place to Discover All Photograph Places for Memory of Seirai

    Memory of Seirai is a world quest in Genshin Affect that’s tied to the general lore of the Electro Nation Inazuma. This specific mission will give some details about the deserted isle engulfed by an eternal thunderstorm, Seirai Island.

    Get the Memory of Seirai Quest

    This quest can solely be triggered while you decide up an previous painted image discovered mendacity on one of many yard shrines scattered round Seirai Island.

    The actual little construction is on a hill throughout Koseki Village. You possibly can teleport to the waypoint on the high of this hill and you discover the shrines just a bit down from it.

    After discovering the photograph you’ll go to Narukami Metropolis and ask across the Adventurers’ Guild if they’ve details about the factor that you simply picked up.

    Simply previous the Adventurer’s Guild, by the bridge beneath a Sakura tree, you will see that an adventurer named Furuya Noboru. He instantly acknowledges that the previous photograph you’ve gotten is an space on Seirai Island.

    Nevertheless, he doesn’t know any greater than that since they weren’t in a position to examine the area completely resulting from a scarcity of assets and manpower. He’ll level you to a person named Oda Torou. You can find him standing on the bridge over the pond behind the town’s purchasing district.

    Oda Torou has been searching for somebody to escort him to go to Seirai Island and has even posted a fee with the guild to have somebody go on his behalf.

    Oda Torou’s curiosity within the island is rooted in the truth that his ancestors had been initially from there. His household has three panorama work of Seirai that he felt he wanted to see. However, together with his present scenario, he can’t depart journey to see his ancestors’ hometown. As an alternative, he’ll ask you to take a photograph of the precise panorama on the work utilizing the Kamera.

    Location of All Painted Landscapes

    Together with the image that you simply discovered, there are 4 completely different landscapes in Seirai Island that you have to {photograph}. The search is not going to mark the places, due to this fact your solely clue is the work that you’ve got.

    Though Oda Torou instructed you to take photographs utilizing a Kamera, the search is not going to be accomplished in the event you use the gadget. It’s essential to use the sport’s built-in digital camera function that you may entry by opening Paimon’s menu.

    Look at the work and when selecting the spot and angle in taking the photograph, ensure that the vast majority of the weather seen on the reference photos are included.

    You’ll know when you have the right angle as a result of a message will seem while you get into the photo-taking mode.

    Panorama no. 1: Koseki Village

    The photograph must be taken from the island throughout the Koseski Village. It’s above the cliff southwest of Slumbering Courtroom Area.

    The view must be overlooking Koseki Village and all the cliff behind, in addition to some a part of the water beneath.

    Panorama no. 2: Asase Shrine

    This surroundings must be photographed from a cliff southwest of Koseki Village. The water surrounding the island must be proven. A Torii gate that results in a path to the shrine must also be included within the photograph.

    Panorama no. 3: Seiraimaru

    For this third location, you have to be on a bit of rock on the water throughout the shipwreck. The portray exhibits an estuary however at current time, that half has been occupied by a ship’s wreckage.

    Out of your place, additionally, you will see the Shrine of Depth above the hill, which you can too see within the portray.

    Panorama no. 4: Amakumo Peak

    This fourth portray exhibits the lake on the crater of Amakumo Peak.

    The world you have to be standing on is east of the teleport waypoint in case you are trying on the map. But when your display screen is dealing with the lake itself, you ought to be on the left aspect, proper on the grime path that leads into the crater or lake.

    These photographs may be taken in any order and after taking photographs of all 4 landscapes, return to Inazuma Metropolis and report back to Oda Torou.

    In some unspecified time in the future in your dialog with the person, he’ll point out Miss Fujiwara Toshiko who you as soon as helped discover treasure left by her ancestors in Koseki Village of Seirai Island.

    Finishing this quest will unlock the achievement “On the Different Facet of Homesickness,” in addition to grant you an Inazuma fame reward.



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