The right way to defeat Yagak, the sport’s closing boss


The lengthy and arduous journey in Outriders will ultimately culminate in a few memorable encounters in opposition to a being referred to as Yagak. This dude’s fairly powerful and he generally is a problem for those who’re unprepared. You do get to battle him on two events throughout the marketing campaign (which we’ll focus on right here). In any case, right here’s our information that can assist you defeat Yagak, the ultimate boss of Outriders.

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Outriders: Yagak boss information

You’ll meet Yagak twice throughout Outriders‘ marketing campaign. The primary is throughout the Utargak chapter and the following one is in The Caravel (additionally the sport’s finale). You may discuss with the pages under for the elements that you just need assistance with:

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Outriders‘ Utargak chapter – The primary encounter with Yagak

Yagak is the chieftain of deranged, nearly feral beings that stay within the wastelands of Enoch. You’ll do battle with him in Outriders‘ Utargak chapter after rescuing your mates. Sadly, certainly one of your companions meets an premature demise, and this boss combat will probably be your vengeance.


Yagak’s talents

  • Chain Combo – Yagak strikes quick, and he’ll usually slice and cube across the battlefield till he reaches you.
  • Lightning Strikes – A number of purple circles will seem on the bottom. Yagak will then name lightning down from the sky.
  • Overload – Yagak will probably be surrounded by a blue protect, mitigating all injury for a number of seconds. He’ll then unleash electrical energy on these close by.

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This combat is generally nearly avoiding Yagak’s assaults. He does a number of hits along with his melee swipes, so that you higher again away. In the meantime, his Lightning Strikes could be simply telegraphed. As for Overload, it’s additionally when he’ll summon a number of berserker mobs. You may kill them for those who want well being.

General, this encounter received’t be too powerful (assuming you simply stayed at World Tier 5) because it solely has one section. When you defeat Yagak, there will probably be a cutscene the place he’ll run off. You may open the chest to select up your loot. The rewards will scale relying in your character’s degree and World Tier when the Yagak boss combat was initiated. Don’t anticipate high-level rewards for those who fought Yagak at World Tier 5 and also you cranked it as much as World Tier 15 as soon as he’s right down to a sliver of well being.

Anyway, let’s speak about your subsequent assembly with him throughout the marketing campaign’s closing degree.

Otrd Bss Gd Ygk Fin 2bOtrd Bss Gd Ygk Fin 2b


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