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    The way to Beat the Thunder Manifestation in Genshin Affect

    New area updates in Genshin Affect aren’t full with out new bosses you may battle and grind supplies from—or problem.

    In Seirai Island—the area in Inazuma that an ever-going lightning storm has engulfed—there inhabits an Electro elemental being known as the Thunder Manifestation. This creature is believed to have been shaped from the remnants of the powers of the Nice Thunderbird after it was slain and sealed by the Raiden Shogun.

    To Unlock the Thunder Manifestation, you’ll want to full a world quest sequence titled Seirai Stormchasers. This quest will unlock the area and unlock teleport waypoints that gives you quick access to this boss.

    The Thunder Manifestation is situated in Amakumo Peak of Seirai Island on a floating piece of land means above the Electro water lake. This serves because the monster’s nest and the battle enviornment when you resolve to problem this Electro being.

    Boss Mechanics

    When you enter the Thunder Manifestation’s lair, the realm can have a barrier round so you can not get off the floating island. That’s except you open the map and teleport to a waypoint.

    A rage meter additionally exists beneath the boss’s HP bar, which, when full, will make the Thunder Manifestation enter its rage mode.

    Pre-Rage State Assaults

    The monster will then shoot 5 Strike Probes that may pulsate in its space, which is the monster’s means of detecting an intruder. The realm proper beneath the Thunder Manifestation may also have the identical pulse.

    Two successive Lightning Strikes will comply with the casting of the probes. This stuff might be simply dodged when you look out for the markings on the bottom.

    Getting hit by lightning will solely deal harm to you, however getting contained in the Strike Probes’ AOE will get you marked. When this occurs, the Thunder Manifestation’s rage meter will improve.

    Rage State Assaults

    Even you probably have averted getting detected by the Thunder Manifestation’s Strike Probes and attacking it from a distance, it’s going to robotically enter its rage state when its HP will get decreased to 75%.

    Marks Goal

    On this battle section, a personality will at all times be marked, and the Thunder Manifestation will assault that character.

    Spinning Wing Slash

    This transfer will begin with the monster leaning again slightly and stretching its wing behind to arrange for the assault. It’ll then spin in direction of you to hit with a number of assaults.

    This may be simply dodged when you can see the preparation animation.

    Electro Cage

    The Thunder Manifestation will shoot an electro Laser to the sky, and the realm the place you might be standing shall be marked. An Electro Cage will then be summoned to that space.

    This cage will comply with you till it disappears, so be certain to maintain a long way earlier than it begins shifting and save stamina earlier than it will get summoned so you may dash away.

    Electro Screens

    These wall-like issues shall be summoned when the monster raises each of its wings above. The screens will seem on each side and slowly shut in to lure you and deal harm.

    To keep away from getting hit, you may both transfer in direction of the Thunder Manifestation or away from it, whichever path is nearer for you.

    Electro Rush

    For this transfer, the Thunder Manifestation will rapidly fly up and again down after which sprint in direction of your path bringing robust lightning strikes together with it.

    The bottom shall be marked to point the path and AOE of this assault. Transfer away from the mentioned mark to keep away from getting hit by the assault.

    Electro Daggers

    5 electro daggers shall be summoned in entrance of the monster. This stuff will then be thrown to you successively.

    You may dash away or time your dodges completely to keep away from all 5 daggers.

    Triple Lightning Strikes

    The Thunder Manifestation will make a zigzag transfer to forged this assault, after which three spherical markings on the bottom will seem. Lightning will then strike the marked areas. This can occur 3 times.

    You might want to be fast in shifting away from the marked areas as a result of proper after the lightning strikes, the next marks will seem, adopted by the subsequent strikes.

    Common Ideas

    Since this boss is a pure Electro being, it’s resistant to assaults of the identical component.

    This enemy can be very agile and strikes loads across the battlefield. Thus, it’s higher to convey characters that may make ranged assaults, resembling bow and catalyst customers.

    At all times save stamina by solely dodging and sprinting when wanted. It is usually really useful to have a healer and/or a shielder in your crew for survival.



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