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    The way to Get Ostriches in Stardew Valley

    Ostriches are the world’s largest birds, and so they have a reasonably lethal kick besides. They could look terrifying to some in actual life, however in Stardew Valley, Ostriches are brimming with magnificence. Any rancher would like to have them on their farm. Nevertheless, getting Ostriches on this recreation could be a actual head-scratcher, so here’s a information that can provide help to purchase one in all these majestic flightless birds.

    Ostriches are a part of the 1.5 replace, and it’s the final one which was added to the record of livestock. Since Ostriches have been included within the December 2020 replace, you’ll be able to anticipate they’d solely be obtainable to adept gamers or gamers nearing the top of the sport. You’ll spend most of your time at Ginger Island trying to find the gadgets required to start out breeding Ostriches. So pack your explorer’s backpack and let’s start our Ostrich Egg and Ostrich Incubator hunt!

    The way to Get an Ostrich Egg

    Stardew Valley isn’t any stranger to cryptic notes and hard-to-solve puzzles. And to get an Ostrich Egg, you’ll have to dig up some Journal Scraps to discover a hidden treasure. Journal Scraps are just like Secret Notes which are discovered throughout Pelican City. Solely this time, Journal Scraps are positioned in all elements of Ginger Island. Every Journal Scrap accommodates clues or information that may provide help to remedy puzzles and uncover the Island’s lore.

    Journal # 10 shows a picture of the Ostrich Egg’s whereabouts. Discovering each Journal entry could be a bit tedious. Subsequently, listed here are a few of the best and handiest methods to get Journal Scraps:

    • Mining or Blowing Up Rocks within the Volcano Dungeon: Rock mounds yield every kind of loot, gems, and artifacts, together with Journal Scraps.
    • Extracting Objects from Artifact Spots: Utilizing your hoe, dig up all of the spots with wiggly worms that you’ll find. You’ll seemingly get clay more often than not, however there’s additionally an opportunity you’ll get rewarded with a Journal Scrap.
    • Killing Monsters: Monsters within the Volcano Dungeon might typically drop a Journal Scrap when defeated.
    • Fishing: There are two cases the place it’s possible you’ll get Journal Scraps by fishing. One is by immediately pulling them in with a rod. The opposite is by acquiring them from Treasure Chests within the fishing mini-game. Though you have already got an 8% probability to get Journal Scraps by fishing, there are fishing spots in Ginger Island the place you will get extra of them. Examples of those fishing spots are the river subsequent to the Island Farm, the lake within the Pirate’s Grotto, and the ponds discovered within the Frog Cave.

    Journal Scraps might be obtained in consecutive order. Meaning you’ll want to search out 10 Journal Scraps to get Journal # 10. The Journal Entry reveals a map with a crimson “X” mark on an space close to a curved tree. To the north of the curved tree is the doorway to the Volcano Dungeon. Use a hoe to dig proper on the marked X spot to amass the Ostrich Egg.

    One other method to get an Ostrich Egg is by discovering a Random Uncommon Chest by exploring the Volcano Dungeon.

    The way to Get the Ostrich Incubator

    Getting maintain of an Ostrich Egg might sound simple, however buying the Ostrich Incubator that’s used to hatch the egg is much more cumbersome. To make issues easier for you, we have now written a step-to-step information on learn how to get the crafting recipe for the Ostrich Incubator.

    1. Head to the northern facet of Ginger Island and restore the bridge close to the empty tent labeled the Island Discipline Workplace. Donating 10 walnuts to a parrot will get the job finished.

    2. Subsequent to the newly-repaired bridge is a cave blocked by a big boulder. Hitting the boulder with a pickaxe will do you nothing. As a substitute, you’ll want a bomb to do away with it.

    3. Trapped inside that cave is a person referred to as Professor Snail. He might be grateful when you free him and he’ll give you Golden Walnuts in alternate for giving him Historic Fossils.

    4. After getting all 4 Historic Fossils and finishing the Island Surveys, he’ll reward you with a crafting recipe for the Ostrich Incubator.

    Getting All of the Historic Fossils

    Historic Fossils are uncommon, prehistoric animal bones that you could gather to get the Ostrich Incubator recipe. That can assist you accumulate these fossils quicker, listed here are some ideas you’ll be able to apply when you’re on a seek for them:

    Fossilized Frog

    Arguably essentially the most unchallenging one to search out is the Mummified Frog since you solely want one piece of it. The location the place you’ll find it isn’t that tough to find. Simply go to the Jungle on Island East, which is south of Leo’s Hut. The Jungle is a small space that’s fairly simple to discover. You’ll discover no enemies right here however solely Fiddlehead Ferns you can forage and Weeds that will comprise a Mummified Frog.

    Fossilized Bat

    The Bat Fossil is one other mummified animal that is available in just one piece. Finding it’s extra laborious than the earlier fossil since you’ll should go mining within the Volcano Dungeon and defeat some enemies to acquire it. To seek out the Mummified Bat within the mines extra effectively, use bombs to destroy an entire row of rocks versus hitting them with a pickaxe one after the other.

    Fossilized Snake

    The Snake Fossil is more durable to acquire in comparison with the Bat and the Frog Fossils. The Mummified Snake consists solely of two elements, however they’ve a decrease drop price, so getting them would possibly take a little bit grinding.

    The primary half is a Snake Cranium. It’s possible you’ll get them by fishing on the West Facet of Ginger Island. Search for fishing spots with bubbles within the water for a a lot increased probability of reeling them in. Snake Cranium will also be discovered by digging up Artifact Spots discovered on Island West and on the Dig Website close to the Island Discipline Workplace.

    The second piece is Snake Vertebrae, which might solely be discovered by extracting Artifact Spots on the western a part of the island. 

    Fossilized Giant Animal

    Essentially the most tough mummified animal to amass is the most important one, and it’s a fossil of an unidentified animal. The massive animal has six elements, so discovering all of them could be a hurdle.

    The primary two elements are Fossilized legs. Rocks with protruding animal bones referred to as Bone Nodes might comprise them. These nodes are discovered in all places on Ginger Island. The Southern a part of the island spawns extra Bone Nodes and Artifact Spots that will have Fossilized Ribs.

    There are many Fossilized Giant animal elements discovered within the Dig Website space. Bone Nodes that seem within the Dig Website may comprise some Fossilized Ribs. The seashore in that space additionally has spots the place you would possibly fish a Fossilized Backbone. Lastly, you’ll be able to acquire a Fossilized Tail by panning them within the river on the Dig Website.

    The final Fossilized half is the Cranium of the animal. You will get it by breaking open a Golden Coconut in the identical course of Clint the Blacksmith does with the Geodes. Harvesting coconuts from Palm Timber can typically drop Golden Coconuts. Should you do harvest plenty of common Coconut, you’ll be able to commerce 10 of them on the Island Dealer in alternate for one Golden Coconut.

    Fixing the Island Survey

    Professor Snail doesn’t solely stay off of the bone enterprise, apparently, he additionally research Ginger Island’s natural world and stay specimens. To date, there are solely two survey questions associated to these scientific matters.

    To reply these questions appropriately, you’ll have to search out a number of gadgets on the island. On the probability that you just reply the questions incorrectly, you’ll be given an opportunity to reply the survey once more the subsequent day. Should you aren’t certain which reply to decide on, it’s possible you’ll consult with the textual content under.

    Query no 1: What number of purple flowers are there on Ginger Island? The right reply is 22.

    Query quantity 2: What number of purple starfish are there on Ginger Island? The right reply is eighteen.

    Elevating Ostriches

    The Barn is the one farm constructing that may home Ostriches. So you’ll be able to anticipate that the Barn is the one place you’ll be able to put an Ostrich Incubator.

    It might need been fairly an journey to get an Ostrich, however elevating them and promoting their merchandise could make your entire course of worthwhile.

    Ostriches solely lay one egg per week, however every has a base worth of 600 Gold. Should you take the Rancher Career route, you’ll be able to promote one for 750 Gold. The worth can improve as much as 1,440 Gold for every Iridium Ostrich Egg. Moreover, turning one in all these monumental eggs into mayonnaise will get you 10 Mayonnaise! Every iridium High quality Egg mayonnaise will earn you 532 Gold when you go together with the Artisan Career Route. And when you promote and ship all of them collectively, you’ll get a powerful quantity of 5320 Gold.



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