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    The way to Undertake a Pet in My Time at Portia

    My Time at Portia is an RPG crafting sim that focuses on revitalizing a metropolis, upgrading your workshop, and socializing with everybody you meet — and that features pets. If you wish to discover ways to undertake pets on this recreation, here’s a complete information on the animal residents you possibly can befriend and take care of.

    Scattered all through Portia is an assortment of home animals that coexist with people. Most of them are cattle you possibly can elevate in a coop or aquatic creatures you possibly can maintain in a fish tank. However there are just a few animals you possibly can develop a friendship with, and thus making an attempt to get them dwelling with you’ll require a whole lot of endurance and energy.


    Pinky is a plump, stray feline who likes to walk alongside the streets of Portia. She is the best one to befriend, provided that she is current proper from the beginning. Pinky additionally eats all types of fish, which you should have no drawback acquiring as there are numerous fish present in rivers or seashores.

    Discovering Pinky

    Pinky will be seen strolling inside the primary entrance of Portia as early as 7:00 AM. Because you usually get up round that point, it is not going to be onerous so that you can catch her very first thing within the morning. Her schedule typically modifications, however she is often roaming round Peach Plaza. She’s going to often cease by in entrance of Django’s Restaurant to beg for meals. If she isn’t within the Peach Plaza, she can be within the Central Plaza close by The Want Tree.

    Lastly, you could find her napping outdoors a Cafe close to Peach Plaza late within the afternoon. Word that you simply can’t discuss to her whereas she is asleep.


    Pinky is a typical cat who favors consuming uncooked fish over anything. Constantly giving her the fish she likes most will earn you extra relationship factors, due to this fact, elevating her affinity in direction of you.

    She’s going to comply with you round when you give her a uncooked fish. Pinky will even go so far as trailing behind you again dwelling however will depart after a few hours. Under are the Items she prefers to get her paws on:

    Love (+20 Friendship): Emperor Gladiator Fish, Emperor Goliath, Emperor Smart Fish

    Love (+18 Friendship): Emperor Blue Mackerel

    Love (+15 Friendship): Emperor Lantern Fish

    Love (+12 Friendship): Dried Blade Fish

    Like (+12 Friendship): Blue Mackerel⁠, ⁠Cat Tag, ⁠Emperor Bubblefish, ⁠⁠Emperor Firefish, Emperor Frog Fish, ⁠Emperor Koi Fish⁠, ⁠Gladiator Fish⁠, and Smart Fish

    Like (+6 Friendship): ⁠Banner Fish, Blade Fish, Bubblefish⁠, ⁠Emperor Banner Fish, ⁠Emperor Blade Fish, ⁠Emperor Catfish, ⁠Emperor Golden Salmon, ⁠Firefish, Frog Fish, Koi Fish⁠, and ⁠Lantern Fish

    Like (+4 Friendship): Catfish, Golden Salmon, Goliath

    Dislike (-1 Friendship): Animal Feces

    Dislike (-2 Friendship): Every part Else

    Hate (-1000 Friendship): Abandon Tag

    Adopting Pinky the Cat

    Pinky treats you as an Adversary initially, however with sufficient items and a focus, it is possible for you to to lift your friendship and unlock extra interactions together with her. 

    To undertake Pinky, you’ll solely want to extend your relationship standing together with her as much as two full hearts. Reaching the Acquainted relationship standing will make Pinky keep in your house eternally! You might also Pet and Hug the cute cat after turning into good pals together with her.

    Pet Equipment for Pinky

    Each final weekend of the month, a service provider known as Mysterious Man will arrive at Portia with a backpack stuffed with wares. A few of the uncommon items he sells are equipment specialised for pets. There are objects you should buy from him in trade for Gols, however there are additionally some that you could solely acquire by buying and selling with him Relic Supplies. Listed here are the equipment which are completely made for Pinky:

    Cat’s Mattress: A mushy, comfortable mattress the place Pinky can sleep in.

    Cat Tree: A cat’s toy that Pinky can climb on and play with.

    Cat Tag: Give this to Pinky if you wish to rename her.

    Abandon Tag: Give this to Pinky if you wish to disown her.


    Scraps is one other stray pooch that wanders the town, typically scavenging for meals. Nevertheless, Scraps isn’t accessible initially of the sport as a result of he’s lacking. You possibly can unlock him after finishing the mission: A New Buddy.

    Finishing: A New Buddy Mission

    Earlier than you possibly can start the mission, you should first set off a scene with Polly. Polly would be the one to tell you about Scraps and the way he has been lacking for days. Polly will be seen outdoors the Faculty at 15:00, close to a Lacking Canine Poster. The Lacking Canine Poster has the picture of Scraps and a textual content that claims: Have You Seen Me?

    Bringing again Scraps requires you to complete the Hazardous Ruins mission to get to the Collapsed Wasteland.

    Discuss to Arlo, and he’ll let you know that he has heard a canine barking someplace within the Collapsed Wasteland. After you have gained entry to that space, you possibly can head to the West Shore on the Lake. Down there, you will notice Scraps stranded by a big Wood Cupboard. Calling out his identify will make him bark and run away.

    Now you can notify Polly in regards to the stray canine’s situation. She’s going to then let you already know Scraps typically bolts off when individuals strategy him until you give him Canine Meals.

    Canine Meals is obtained by mixing 4 Meat2 Flour, and 1 Salt in a Blender. A Blender will be crafted within the Meeting Station after getting its diagram from Petra. To acquire the diagram, donate all the info discs you could find to the Analysis Middle.

    After giving Canine Meals to Scraps, he’ll comply with you outdoors the Collapsed Wasteland. Now you possibly can take him to Polly to let her know that he’s secure.

    Discovering Scraps

    Scraps behave like a traditional stray canine who sniffs round leftover meals, so discovering him isn’t that troublesome. He frequents the Peach Plaza, the place he will be discovered yapping in entrance of Django’s Restaurant. Scraps wish to go to Martha’s Bakery Store and ask for some bread. He also can stroll across the Want Tree on the Central Plaza.


    Scraps eats nearly the whole lot, from Apples to Animal Feces. He’s an odd little furball who likes to chow down seafood dishes. Scraps additionally isn’t very choosy with meals, so it is not going to take too lengthy so that you can enhance his coronary heart and affection. Under are the items you can provide to Scraps each day to realize his loyalty:

    Love (+15 Friendship):  Bubblefish Stew, ⁠King Salmon Fillet, and Secret Fish King Soup

    Love (+12 Friendship): Aroma Apple, ⁠Bacon Fish Roll, ⁠Bubblefish Soup, Dried Blade Fish⁠, ⁠Fish Porridge, Fishheads Stewed in Soy Sauce⁠, ⁠Smoked Fish Roll, and ⁠Particular Salmon Fried Rice

    Love (+10 Friendship):  Canine Tag, Fried Hen, and Steak with Coconut Juice

    Like (+6 Friendship): ⁠Animal Skeleton, Apple Juice, Bamboo Papaya with Egg-on-High Hen, ⁠Traditional Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Crispy Salmon with Sauce, Scrumptious Roasted Ribs, Canine Meals, Dried Apple Slice, Fried Rice with Radish, Meat and Mushrooms Stew, Meatballs and Vegetable Soup, Mushroom Crepe with Fruit Sauce, Nori Burrito, Pepperiffic Beef Burger, Roasted Meat, Roasted Pork with Honey, Salty Grilled Catfish, Smoked Ham, Smoked Meat, Spiced Steak, Steamed Potato Fruit, Stewed Mushrooms, and Tasteless Broth.

    Like (+2 Friendship): Animal Bones, Apple, Animal Feces, Meat

    Impartial (+1 Friendship): Every part Else

    Dislike (-2 Friendship): Low cost Soda, Ginger, Lemon, Milk, Rainbow Lemonade, Salt, Spicy Fish Soup, Spicy Stew Combine, Venom

    Hate (-1000 Friendship): Abandon Tag

    Adopting Scraps the Canine

    Scraps will consider you as his Adversary at first. However he’ll deal with you as his grasp after reaching the Acquainted relationship stage. You possibly can Hug or Pet him as quickly as you turn out to be buddies.

    As soon as Scraps has warmed as much as you, you’ll be given the Feeling Protected mission, which you might be required to finish to undertake the canine. Scraps will want a Canine Collar earlier than you possibly can formally take him dwelling. Carol will assist you to make a Canine Collar, as long as you present her with High quality Leather-based and a Copper Bar.

    Pet Equipment for Scraps

    You can even present Scraps some love by getting pet equipment for him. Listed here are the objects made for Scraps that you could buy from the Mysterious Man:

    Canine Home: A small home for Scraps to sleep in.

    Canine Tag: Give this to Scraps if you wish to rename him.

    Abandon Tag: Give this to Scraps if you wish to disown him.


    QQ is a stumpy home pig who nearly by no means leaves Gust’s facet. He is likely one of the animal residents you possibly can kind a bond with. Nevertheless, you’ll have to marry and stay with Gust to undertake him.

    Discovering QQ

    QQ is loyal and dedicated to his proprietor, Gust. You’ll hardly ever ever see QQ strolling round Portia with out him. You could work together with this pig everytime you see him following Gust.

    Within the morning, QQ leaves Mayor Gale’s dwelling to tag alongside behind Gust. He will be discovered sleeping in his mattress at A&G Development till the afternoon. He’ll associate with Gust every time he sees him in Central Plaza or heading off to Amber Island. QQ will typically sleep beside Gust whereas he paints. Later within the night, he will be seen operating dwelling with or with out Gust.


    QQ surprisingly prefers to eat wholesome snacks like Aroma Apple. It is likely to be as a result of he was raised, however he likes to bask in refined meals. Befriending QQ could possibly be a bit difficult since he has restricted present preferences. Listed under are the objects QQ would like to obtain from you:

    Love (+12 Friendship): Aroma Apple and Roasted Pork with Honey

    Love (+10 Friendship):  Pig Tag and Steak with Coconut Juice

    Like (+6 Friendship): ⁠ ⁠Scrumptious Roasted Ribs, Fried Rice with Radish, ⁠Meat and Mushrooms Stew, Milk, Roasted Hen, Roasted Meat, Smoked Ham, Spiced Steak, and Tasteless Broth.

    Like (+2 Friendship): Apple

    Impartial (+1 Friendship): Every part Else

    Dislike (-2 Friendship): Animal Feces

    Adopting QQ the Pig

    Your relationship with QQ begins with Adversary, however rising his stars is not going to assist you to get him to stay with you.

    If you’d like QQ to stay with you, you should win the center of its proprietor first. A few of the Aspect Missions you’re taking for Gust contain QQ as nicely. QQ can even not assist you to Pet or Hug him, no matter what number of friendship factors you acquire with him.

    Pet Equipment for QQ

    These are the pet equipment chances are you’ll purchase for QQ after turning into one in every of his homeowners:

    Piggy Mattress: A cushty mattress for pigs the place QQ can sleep in.

    Pig Tag: Give this to QQ if you wish to change his identify.

    Abandon Tag: Give this to QQ if you wish to do away with him.

    Pet Toys

    Along with all of the equipment chances are you’ll buy on your pets, you can even get them some toys to play with. You should purchase them from the Harbor Commerce Station positioned on Western Seaside after getting unlocked it. Place them in your workshop and watch your cute pets work together with these toys by themselves:

    Leaping Hoop: Pets love to leap forwards and backwards by means of the ring.

    Climbing Pole: Pets take pleasure in leaping backward and forward over the pole.

    Spinball: Pets wish to knock the balls and spin them spherical and spherical.



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