Thief Simulator 2 will allow you to rob banks, eating places and fancy automobiles


The primary Thief Simulator primarily allow you to turn into one of many Moist Bandits: roaming round neighbourhoods in your automobile, scoping out the homes you have been going to rob, after which contending with their safety measures as you snuck in and pilfered all the things of worth. However simply as Harry and Marv expanded their operation in House Alone 2, Thief Simulator 2 will embody new kinds of location to rinse, together with eating places and banks. In your downtime, you may additionally have the ability to go round pinching automobiles.

Crap automobiles at first, however you may work your method as much as sports activities automobiles as you enhance your thief, stripping them for elements and XP. This does not seem like a revolutionary sequel, however there’ll three “distinctive” environments wherein to ply your sneaky commerce, as hinted at on the sport’s Steam web page. It is nice to see banks as a brand new sort of constructing in there—absolutely the last word problem for any thief—and it will likely be fascinating to have the ability to rob them within the modern-day. How will they examine with Thief’s fantasy financial institution, or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s large cyber-bank?


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