This is some extra Dragon Age Four idea artwork


(Picture credit score: EA)

Christian Dailey, govt director of Dragon Age 4, has shared one other piece of idea artwork for the forthcoming RPG. Final time BioWare confirmed us some idea artwork it was an archer with a magic bow, this time it is a mage with a sharp employees. You’ll be able to inform she’s a correct Dragon Age mage due to the goofy hat, though this cross between a naval tricorn and a traditional Gandalf level truly appears fairly slick. The scroll instances holstered on her belt for simple entry appear to be a wise addition for the combat-ready mage about city as nicely. And that is sufficient about wizard trend.

Inventive director Matthew Goldman retweeted the image with the phrases, “Meet me in Minrathous!” Minrathous is the largest metropolis within the Dragon Age setting and the capital of Tevinter, its most magical nation, so the gaslamp fantasy vibe of this rain-soaked red-light alley appears acceptable. If it carries over into the sport it will be a pleasant change of tempo from Dragon Age’s typically trad fantasy look. Or possibly it is simply pink due to all of the pink lyrium, who can say?


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