This Skyrim mod provides you a bow that turns enemies into wheels of cheese


As a Skyrim fan that, with out fail, opts for an archer Dragonborn each single time I sort out Tamriel, I can vouch for the RPG sport’s satisfying bow-based fight. There are many glorious bows to select from, from magic-infused weapons with neat results to the merely badass Dragonbone longbow, and touchdown a well-placed shot has a meatily rewarding really feel to it. However, there’s all the time room for brand new spins on archery – and a, er, ‘tacky’ new Skyrim mod does this in probably the most hilarious means.

Sheogorath’s Bow of Cheese mod by creator Lawcet “provides a bow that immediately kills enemies by turning them into cheese wheels”. Yep, cheese wheels – these big, lurid yellow cogs of coagulated dairy that positively litter Skyrim’s many inns and abodes. Technically, it’s a pre-existing mod for Skyrim’s base sport model that’s now been ported to Skyrim Particular Version by modder FireOogle, however that makes it a complete new possibility for a swathe of gamers to get their fingers on for the primary time.

As you possibly can glean from the mod’s connected photographs, the end result may be very humorous, with the much-disliked Whiterun resident Nazeem getting blasted right into a collection of tacky wheels tumbling down the town’s stone steps.

With the mod put in, you could find the magical bow at an “Altar to Cheese” situated in Whiterun – that’s, a desk plonked by the town’s southern wall, which additionally turns into a quick journey spot your Dragonborn can nip to immediately. Quick journey factors are in any other case reserved for notable areas in Skyrim’s world in order that’s a excessive honour for the tacky desk.

Picture credit score: FireOogle / Nexus Mods

Positive, this may not be probably the most immersive of Skyrim mods, nevertheless it’s a extremely entertaining possibility for Dragonborn seeking to create somewhat mischief of their travels (and a complete ton of cheese, too, clearly).

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When you’re tempted, head to Nexus Mods right here to seize it for Skyrim Particular Version. As ever, mod with warning! And take a look at our rundown of one of the best fantasy video games on PC when you’re in search of one thing else to attempt.

Prime picture credit score: Lawcet / Nexus Mods


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