Unbelievable Dota 2 Bug Permits Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear to Carry Rapier in Impartial Merchandise Slot


Dota 2 bugs which are developed as a result of quite a few variety of hero, merchandise, and structural involvements within the sport, have the potential to critically alter numerous in-game conditions. One of the not too long ago found ones, the Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear bug, permits the bear to carry the Divine Rapier within the Impartial merchandise slot. Nevertheless, essentially the most damaged side of the bug is the truth that the Divine Rapier wouldn’t drop on the bottom even when the bear or the hero himself die. Curiously, this glitch not solely works with Divine Rapier however with any purchasable merchandise within the sport. 

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Dota 2 Bug permits Spirit Bear to hold any merchandise within the Impartial merchandise slot

Reddit person, u/BukanPokemon, pointed this glitch in a submit stating “Divine Rapier at Bear’s Impartial Merchandise Slot. Volvo PLS Repair !.” That is the second exploitable factor connected with Lone Druid previously week as beforehand the bear may carry Impartial objects in his fundamental stock. Nevertheless, this glitch was resolved by Valve as quickly because it gained public attraction.

The brand new Spirit Bear Impartial merchandise slot Dota 2 bug has at present not been mounted and that is the way it works. (defined with Rapier)

  1. Purchase Divine Rapier and put it into the stash.
  2. Choose Spirit Bear. Make sure that its Impartial merchandise slot is empty.
  3. Manually drag the Rapier from the stash to the impartial merchandise slot. 

The merchandise shall be positioned into the slot. Clicking the “GRAB ALL” choice will trigger the merchandise to be positioned into your regular stock. 

Spirit Bear Divine Rapier in impartial merchandise slot.The glitch will be exploited with another merchandise obtainable within the store together with the consumable ones.
Spirit Bear with MKB Spirit Bear with Monkey King Bar in impartial merchandise slot.This glitch is sort of game-breaking because the bear not solely basically has seven-item slots but additionally can carry a Rapier and play aggressively with out the danger of dropping it. It could definitely break the late sport as an Aghanim’s Scepter on Lone Druid can destroy the enemy base inside seconds. 

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As a result of excessive variety of Dota 2 bugs being found and shared by followers on Reddit in latest instances, Valve has turn into proactive in eliminating them as quickly as doable. So, one can count on this glitch as effectively to get rectified within the subsequent week.

Be aware: AFK Gaming doesn’t endorse using bugs or exploits. Intentional utilization of those exploits could get your account suspended.


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