Unfortunate Returnal Participant Goes For Loot, Dies Instantly


returnal funny death

Your face once you simply need some loot however then get killed by an infinite crab.
Screenshot: Housemarque / Kotaku

Irrespective of how badly you get screwed by Returnal’s luck-of-the-draw roguelike gameplay, you’re not practically as down in your luck as a participant who desperately tried to get some loot, solely to satisfy a grisly destiny.

Participant Nalotaib shared their misfortune on Reddit, which began once they opened a malignant chest in Returnal’s second space. Malignant chests offers you an merchandise, however with the possibility that you just’ll retain a “go well with malfunction”—basically, a restriction in your character which you can solely clear after finishing an in-game activity. Nalotaib didn’t obtain any malfunctions. That’s the place their luck ended, although.

Credit score: Housemarque / Sony / Nalotaib (by way of Reddit)

As a substitute of receiving one of many candy weapons or stat-boosting artifacts malignant chests normally doll out, Nalotaib acquired a translocation sphere, a usually ineffective merchandise that immediately transports you to one in every of Returnal’s “secret rooms,” the place you miiiight discover some useful gear, however most of the time simply discover a bunch of obolites (Returnal-speak for “gold”). The room Nalotaib ended up in didn’t have any loot. As a substitute, it turned out to be the den for one thing known as a Gorgolith, a large, nightmarish crab…scorpion…factor that exists solely to spoil your day. (Gorgoliths have killed me 5 occasions, based on my in-game tally.)

Once you drop right into a secret room, you momentarily lose management of your character. The animation performs out as a kind of miniature cutscene, though the remainder of the sport proceeds apace. You’ll be able to’t transfer, however you’ll be able to nonetheless take harm if, say, an infinite enemy is lurking on the far facet of the room and decides to assault you earlier than the cinematic finishes. Regardless of not having any management over what occurs for a couple of seconds, the sport can nonetheless fuck you up.

Anyway, the Gorgolith showered Nalotaib with a barrage of projectiles. Immediate kill. Higher luck subsequent time.


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