Valheim Participant Turns Ocean Into Large Trampoline


Can we ever actually know the character of the ocean? Primordial creatures lurk in its depths. It’s powered by outer area. We nonetheless don’t perceive how eels reproduce. In Valheim, nonetheless, it’s a bit easier: The ocean is a trampoline.

On the Valheim subreddit, a participant named HotGuuuuu not too long ago unveiled the fruits of a number of days of labor: A gargantuan, gravity defying ramp that took an absurd period of time to assemble even with the help of cheats. To christen the ramp, HotGuuuuu spawned a ship on the prime and flew down the aspect of a mountain.

The inevitable final result of this Godzilla-sized tackle a highschool physics experiment, after all, was a collision with the ocean. And certainly, HotGuuuuu’s seacraft did finally make it out to sea—at a number of hundred miles per hour. This brought on the boat to bounce lots of of ft into the sky, at which level it tumbled finish over finish till its voyage lastly concluded within the branches of a forest.

Questions stay about HotGuuuuu’s findings. Did the boat bounce off the ocean itself, or did it make contact with the underside of the shallows so quickly that it solely appeared to ping off the floor of the ocean? The place, within the nice superhero sandwich of particles and collisions that’s the universe, is the trampoline? We might by no means know. All I can say for sure is that the boat bounced, and that’s proof sufficient for me that the trampoline exists.

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