Warframe Lavos Construct Information – Finest Augments, Mods, & Skills


Lavos is the latest and the forty-fifth distinctive Warframe, excluding the Primes. He’s fairly just like Saryn in his serpentine theme and even follows the same damage-spread mechanism, however nonetheless manages to be very totally different. Lavos has a novel playstyle of all of the crowd-control Warframes, and options an alchemist/sorcerer theme. He can forged skills with varied components, and even combine them up to make use of results corresponding to Radiation. That can assist you familiarize yourself with this alchemist, right here’s a Warframe Lavos construct information.

On this Lavos construct information, I’ll be taking you thru how one can receive the Warframe, how his skills work, how mods have an effect on his skills, one of the best construct for Lavos, and the easiest way to make use of him in missions.

Get Elements and Blueprints for Lavos Construct

You’ll be able to purchase Lavos’ blueprints and elements from Deimos. An NPC referred to as “Father” sells them to gamers for Phasic Cells. The primary blueprint prices 1500 Phasic Cells, and the elements – three every, value 1000 Phasic Cells. This takes Lavos’ whole value to 4500 Phasic Cells. One other solution to receive these from Deimos is by way of the Operation: Orphix Venom missions. Nonetheless, the drop fee may be very, very low (2-4%). A great way could be to attempt a couple of of these missions until you get bored, hope you get no less than one half, after which purchase the remainder for Phasic Cells.

After all, we all the time have the Platinum route as effectively. For many who haven’t performed Coronary heart of Deimos or choose to not have interaction within the open world, you possibly can grind Void Relics and promote components to accumulate Platinum. You’ll be able to then immediately get Lavos from the Marketplace for 325 Platinum, with an Orokin Reactor put in.

Lavos Passive Skills

Cooldowns galore! Lavos is the primary Warframe to have cooldowns on his skills. Historically, Warframes have all the time relied on Vitality to forged skills, and there was by no means a restrict on what number of skills you might forged. You’ll be able to even spam the identical means a number of occasions with different Warframes however with Lavos, you’ve got cooldowns. Whereas this implies you all the time have to attend for the power to regenerate, it additionally means you by no means have to fret about Vitality.

Notice that due to this mechanism, Capability Effectivity mods have an effect on his cooldowns as a substitute. On high of that, each time Lavos picks up an Vitality Orb or Common Orb (restrict of 1 per 5 seconds), he’s free of all damaging Standing results. He additionally features immunity to any further standing results for 10 extra seconds.

Lavos Construct Principal Skills and How Mods Have an effect on Them

Listed here are Lavos’ 4 fundamental skills. Since they use time as a substitute of Vitality as gas, I will probably be itemizing their cooldown for every means in brackets.

Capability 1 – Ophidian Chew (Eight seconds): Lavos unleashes serpents via his arms in a 100-degree cone in entrance of him, inflicting Toxin injury and making the enemies quickly susceptible to melee finishers. The cone has an 8-meter radius that may be elevated by Capability Vary mods. For every enemy bitten by these snakes, Lavos additionally recharges his well being pool for a share of injury dealt. Harm dealt and well being regained are each affected by Capability Power mods.

You can too maintain down the power key so as to add Poisonous injury as elemental injury to the following means forged, that means you possibly can forged Corrosive/Fuel/Viral injury the following time in case you pair it with the correct secondary ingredient.

Capability 2 – Vial Rush (5 seconds): Lavos slides in a line for 30 meters (affected by Capability Vary mods), casting vials from his belt and leaving a path of ice that offers Chilly injury to close by enemies. This lasts longer when you have additional Capability Period on. On the finish of the road, Lavos creates an explosion that offers Chilly injury as effectively. You can too cease him in his charging animation to launch the explosion early on. After all, injury dealt by these results is affected by Capability Power.

Similar to the primary means, you possibly can maintain down the power key so as to add Chilly injury to his vials, that will probably be added to his subsequent means forged.

Capability 3 – Transmutation Probe (10 seconds): Lavos launches this floating drone within the route of your reticle, that floats in a straight line and offers Electrical injury to close by enemies. This radius in addition to the size of the drone’s path may be improved by Capability Vary, and the injury dealt may be improved by Capability Power mods. The currents even have a stun impact, and you’ll press the power key once more to halt the probe and make it keep instead.

Right here’s one of the best half: every enemy affected reduces your entire means cooldowns by one second. You’ll be able to additional enhance this impact utilizing Capability effectivity mods.

Capability 4 – Catalyze (30 seconds): That is the large one. Lavos conjures a hoop of 9 Catalyst Probes that journey out in all instructions and spray flammable gel onto enemies over and underneath them. This gel offers Warmth injury to all enemies, and injury dealt by this means is doubled for every elemental Standing Impact that the enemy already has. You can also make the Probes go quicker and for an extended distance utilizing Capability Vary, and you’ll additional enhance injury dealt utilizing Capability Power.

Finest Playstyle and Lavos Construct

Lavos works greatest in Survival, Protection and Exterminate missions and it’s greatest to construct this Warframe accordingly, though in contrast to different nuke Warframes like Saryn Prime, it’s essential hold transferring round.

Right here’s one of the best construct for Lavos:

  • Corrosive Projection: for stripping armor, if required
  • Intensify and Augur Power: for additional Capability Power
  • Continuity: for additional Period
  • Vitality: for improved Well being; you’ll want it because you’ll be going so near enemies
  • Blind Rage: for improved Power, at the price of Effectivity
  • Stretch and Augur Attain: for improved means Vary – this advantages all of Lavos’ skills
  • Fleeting Experience: for improved Effectivity at the price of Period

The objective is to maintain transferring round, have an effect on enemies with as many Standing results as you possibly can, scale back cooldowns together with your 3, and nuke together with your 4.


Lavos is loads of enjoyable to make use of as he allows you to management the weather and forged each doable Standing Impact. We hope our Warframe Lavos construct helped you perceive his skills and mod-effects higher. Good luck, Tenno!


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