Warframe Volt Prime Construct Information to Maximize Potential


Volt is without doubt one of the first Warframes gamers get to know of after they begin Warframe. It is without doubt one of the starter Warframes accessible by the tutorial – and whereas it’s a implausible Body, it’s extremely advisable that you simply don’t choose him as your starter, due to how simple he’s to acquire in comparison with different starters who take time to amass.

Volt made it on our record of the highest 5 DPS Warframes and is an absolute monster on the subject of decimating rooms stuffed with enemies. On this Warframe Volt Prime construct information, we’ll be taking you thru every thing it’s good to find out about Volt: the way to purchase his components, the way to purchase the Prime model, how his talents work, and the most effective builds for varied conditions.

How one can receive Volt and Volt Prime to Construct in Warframe

Volt is without doubt one of the three starter frames (Excalibur, Volt, Magazine) which might be accessible free of charge by the tutorial. I extremely advocate choosing Excalibur as your starter as a substitute as each Volt and Magazine are simpler to acquire. Volt is without doubt one of the best Warframes to amass, as you will discover his components within the Tenno Lab in your clan’s dojo. You may also purchase Volt from the Marketplace for Platinum, or from Teshin for 60,000 syndicate factors after you hit the Storm rank in Conclave.

Volt Prime could be obtained by the respective Relics, though it isn’t unvaulted typically. I like to recommend getting your palms on the Prime model in addition to it options higher stats and nice aesthetics.

How Volt’s talents work

Passive capacity: Volt’s passive permits you to cost up Electrical energy injury by strolling, operating, and even sliding between assaults This built-up injury can then be launched by your subsequent weapon or capacity used. This passive capacity, although good, is fairly forgettable as most of your consideration can be on his nuking capacity as a substitute. It’s helpful to pair Volt with an analogous electrical weapon such because the Amprex, that may make good use of the added injury.

Capacity 1 – Shock: This capacity lets Volt launch an arc discharge in the direction of the goal (affected by Capacity Vary). Shock chains electrical energy to enemies in a radius, inflicting Electrical energy Injury to every enemy within the chain. Capacity Power impacts the injury dealt. This capacity is fairly lackluster in comparison with Volt’s different talents, and I not often discover myself utilizing it in missions.

Capacity 2 – Velocity: This capacity grants elevated motion pace, melee assault pace, and reload pace to Volt and close by enemies. This may additional be boosted by Capacity Power mods with length being affected by Capacity Period mods, and makes for one of the enjoyable builds within the sport. In case you can maneuver by the maps simply, this construct can allow you to and your crew rush by fast missions equivalent to Seize very quickly, permitting you to farm Relics fairly quick. Is has additionally been confirmed that Volt’s max operating pace is far increased than Gauss’s, although Gauss has an animation that makes him appear like he runs quicker.

Capacity 3 – Electrical Protect: That is one other nice capacity that’s helpful in team-based missions, particularly Survival. Volt conjures an electrical protect barrier that may take up incoming hearth. Furthermore, capturing by this wall will grant you and your crew an ideal injury and crit multiplier in your weapons. The one mods that have an effect on this are ones that increase Capacity Period, permitting you to maintain up the wall for an extended time frame. This capacity is nice for tenting in a room in Survival missions, and in contrast to Atlas’s wall, it permits you to shoot by the barrier as properly.

Capacity 4 – Discharge: That is Volt’s signature nuke capacity. Utilizing Discharge releases a strong electrical pulse, gorgeous enemies for a brief length and sending electrical arcs and creating Electrical procs to close by enemies. This capacity can allow you to nuke enemies past partitions, chaining them and spreading injury fairly effectively, as the power just isn’t affected by environmental obstructions.

The length for which enemies are surprised is affected by Capacity Period, and injury dealt is affected by Capacity Power mods. Notice that this capacity has a 100-Vitality value and requires you to make use of Capacity Effectivity mods as properly, should you’re planning to make use of this with out a Trinity in your crew.

How one can construct Volt Prime for speed-running missions

The pace construct focuses on Volt’s second capacity and solely requires you to make use of Capacity Power mods like Umbral Intensify and Augur Secrets and techniques. Add in some Streamline (+Effectivity) and Primed Circulate (+Vitality capability) for a bigger Vitality pool and better Effectivity that may allow you to use the power extra steadily. Capacity Period can be essential right here because it permits you to enhance the length of how lengthy the power buff lasts, which is why it is best to add in Primed Continuity and Structure as properly.

There’s additionally an Exilus mod known as “Velocity Drift” that grants further motion pace, though this solely works for you, not like the power that works in your teammates as properly.

How one can construct Volt Prime for nuking (ESO and in any other case)

Being an ideal nuke, Volt is without doubt one of the finest frames to make use of in Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. ESO groups at all times have a Trinity on the crew that may allow you to regenerate Vitality, which makes this construct not require Streamline (+Capacity Effectivity) in any respect. You’ll be able to as a substitute add in Augur Secrets and techniques or Energy Drift to make use of up the accessible Mod slots whereas additionally including Capacity Power. It feels nice to make use of Volt in ESO missions as you may spam his fourth capacity virtually infinitely due to Trinity recharging your Vitality.

Nonetheless, in common star-chart builds, this isn’t an possibility in any respect, as Capacity Effectivity turns into essential. When doing missions on common planets and even in a Sortie, go for:

  • Corrosive Projection (-Enemy Armor)
  • Energy Drift (+Capacity Power)
  • Primed Intensify (+Capacity Power)
  • Primed Continuity (+Capacity Period)
  • Vitality (+Well being)
  • Augur Secrets and techniques (+Capacity Power)
  • Stretch (+Capacity Vary)
  • Streamline (+Capacity Effectivity)
  • Transient Fortitude (+Capacity Power, -Capacity Period)
  • Structure (+Capacity Period)

This makes for a reasonably balanced construct that allows you to use all 4 talents whereas additionally permitting you to usually nuke enemies with Discharge.


We hope our Volt Prime construct information helped you perceive the Warframe higher and determine what sort of construct you wish to choose for him.


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