What Does AFK, OP, and GG Imply in PUBG Cell?


Gamers use abbreviations like AFK, OP, and GG in PUBG Cell, and different on-line video games fairly often. It helps them talk with their gamers with out typing an excessive amount of in the event that they don’t have voice chat enabled. 

  1. AFK stands for ‘away from keyboard’. It signifies that somebody has left their laptop or system and quickly received’t be capable of reply to messages. Often, when somebody varieties AFK, they imply they’ll be again in a while.
  2. OP is brief for ‘overpowered’ in on-line gaming communities.
  3. GG is brief for ‘good recreation’ and is used on the finish of on-line multiplayer video games to point out that you simply’ve loved the sport, perhaps due to the enemy’s sportsman-like conduct or simply to point out that you simply’ve had enjoyable. 

We check out what AFK, OP, and GG imply in PUBG Cell and the place these quick kinds got here from.

The place do AFK, OP, and GG come from?

Now that we all know what AFK, OP, and GG imply in PUBG Cell, let us take a look at the place these phrases got here from. 


Individuals began utilizing GG within the late 1990s in on-line multiplayer video games when web slang was slowly creating and video games like Quake and StarCraft grew to become fashionable. Saying GG to your opponents on the finish of a spherical grew to become a part of the unwritten guidelines or etiquette within the on-line gaming neighborhood. That is used to inform the opponent that they performed nicely in the course of the match or within the context of PUBG Cell is used to acknowledge your teammate’s efficiency. Nevertheless, GG isn’t all the time utilized in a well mannered approach. Utilizing GG earlier than you could have a transparent path to victory will be thought of BM (unhealthy manners). This could backfire on you in case you wind up dropping the sport, so keep away from typing GG in earlier than the match is basically over. GG can be now used offline, generally in conditions that don’t have anything to do with gaming. You discover it utilized in conversations to present frustration or earlier than giving up on one thing. For instance, in case your automobile doesn’t begin, you would possibly say, “GG automobile.” 

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OP is an abbreviation for ‘overpowered’ and is used within the context of gaming to describe a specific gun, capacity (like within the Runic Energy mode), or some other factor of the sport which is simply too highly effective. What is taken into account OP often modifications with the meta. The perfect weapons for that individual PUBG Cell patch could also be known as OP by gamers who need them to be ‘nerfed’, one other widespread gaming time period. Nerf or nerfing is used to imply ‘cut back the facility of’. 

Many YouTubers use OP or overpowered to speak about dominating weapons. | Supply: Encore Gaming 

Word that OP can be typically utilized in on-line communities like Reddit and related boards to imply ‘authentic poster’ or the one that put up the submit. Relying on the context wherein it’s used, the that means of OP can change. 


AFK stands for ‘away from keyboard’ and It’s used when somebody is leaving their laptop or cell system in order that they received’t be capable of reply to messages or do something in-game. 

Often, when somebody varieties ‘AFK’, they imply they are going to be again in a short while. AFK can be generally used with ‘brb’ (be proper again). Instantly going AFK in-game places your workforce at a drawback, particularly in team-based aggressive video games like non-solo queues in PUBG Cell or cell MOBAs like Wild Rift or Cell Legends. That is why many video games have penalties to discourage gamers from all of the sudden going AFK.

Like a whole lot of different web slang, AFK, OP, and GG began getting used first in on-line chatrooms within the 1980s. Individuals used it to let others in a chatroom know they might be away from their laptop in order that the folks they have been chatting with would not sign off. AFK grew to become extra generally utilized in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft between raids.

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