What’s Manuka Honey and What Can it Do for Me?


Honey is filled with advantages. Along with tasting nice, it’s identified to have medicinal properties, particularly in its uncooked state. Manuka honey is a particular kind of honey identified to be darker in shade and thicker than many different forms of honey. It’s produced by bees that forage on the manuka scrub of Southeastern Australia and New Zealand. What units Manuka honey other than the others?

Distinctive Manuka Issue

Manuka honey is graded utilizing its Distinctive Manuka Issue generally known as UMF. This quantity exhibits how potent the manuka honey is. The quantity is calculated utilizing the content material of methylglyoxal (MGO), dihydroxyacetone (DHA), and leptosperin throughout the honey. Not all manuka honey is equal. Some harvested honey from the manuka scrub is stronger than different forms of manuka honey. That’s the reason the UMF quantity is so vital. The MGO amount, specifically, exhibits the efficiency of the honey, which, in flip, exhibits how robust its medicinal properties are. A UMF of 10 or higher is only when used for medicinal worth.

Antibacterial Properties

All honey has antibacterial properties, however manuka honey has a better efficiency of those properties. The MGO in uncooked honey is the predominant ingredient that destroys micro organism and fungus. The manuka plant the bees extract the pollen from, has a better focus of MGO than most different crops. This units manuka honey aside as having higher medicinal worth, particularly with regard to antibacterial properties. Manuka honey UMF 20 can be utilized for treating minor wounds and burns as a result of it destroys micro organism and since it creates a barrier additional defending the wound.

Oral Well being

To keep away from tooth decay and maintain your enamel wholesome, you will need to reduce unhealthy micro organism that may trigger plaque formation. It’s additionally vital to not completely wipe out the great micro organism that’s answerable for defending your enamel. Manuka honey’s antibacterial properties assault dangerous oral micro organism related to plaque formation, gum irritation and tooth decay.


Manuka honey can be utilized for extra than simply an antibacterial agent. It can be used to scale back irritation and could also be used to scale back pimples and to assuage eczema by inserting it instantly on the pores and skin. The pure hydrogen peroxide that manuka honey offers can act as a mild cleanser and anti inflammatory for those who need to give it a attempt.

Soothe a Sore Throat

Its not new information that honey will help soothe a sore throat however manuka honey may also support within the efficacy of the sort of care because it has extra refined qualities that you just gained’t discover in over-the-counter honey. It boosts the immune system and in soothes a sore throat by means of ingestion of 1 to 2 tablespoons a day.

Topical Makes use of

Lip balm and hair remedy could be made utilizing Manuka honey to extend the moisturizing properties related to these merchandise. A honey masks or facial cleanser with manuka honey can do wonders on your pores and skin and the identical outcomes could be discovered with a lip balm as effectively.

When contemplating the worth of utilizing uncooked honey don’t overlook the added worth of Manuka honey. The upper MGO content material on this honey makes it perfect for medicinal makes use of. A manuka honey with a better UMF will present probably the most worth. Benefit from the style of manuka honey and the added makes use of of its medicinal qualities.

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