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    What’s the Construct for Sayu in Genshin Impression

    She shouldn’t be a tanuki, Sayu is Sayu! That is the road folks typically get and are pressured to recollect if they’ve met the little ninja named Sayu. This fellow of the key group Shuumatsuban below the Yashiro Fee is far much less identified to the general public however is very loyal.

    Sayu has mastered numerous ninjutsu, together with people who assist her escape, conceal, and conceal her tracks and aura. She can also be greatest identified for her laziness, which she claims saves vitality and solely desires to spend time on extra significant issues.

    As a part of Yashiro Fee’s secret unit, being small makes it tough for Sayu to go on missions that might contain fight. Nevertheless, the ninjutsu that she has mastered helps her escape hazard.

    With talent outputs that scale off of her ATK and Elemental Grasp, constructing Sayu may be fairly overwhelming. This information will focus on Sayu’s kits, how her skills work, what tools works greatest for her, and the way to construct Sayu.

    Workforce Position and Playstyle

    Sayu is a healer with heal quantities that scale off of her ATK. That means, the extra ATK she has, the upper the therapeutic quantity she offers her teammates. This additionally permits Sayu’s assaults to deal respectable harm.

    Nevertheless, her passive expertise—Someone Extra Succesful—will permit her to heal everybody within the celebration every time she triggers a Swirl elemental response. The quantity of heal that the Swirl is predicated on the quantity of Elemental Mastery she has.

    Since her elemental talent and elemental burst are Anemo assaults, they’ll set off Swirl. The harm of Swirl is predicated on the character’s Elemental Mastery and never their ATK. This response additionally doesn’t do vital hits.

    With this, constructing Elemental Mastery for Sayu will improve her heal from Swirls triggered by each skills and improve her Swirl harm. In case your Sayu has this construct, you’ll have to spam her Anemo assaults, which may be simple together with her elemental talent—Yoohoo Artwork: Fuuin Sprint.

    Specializing in constructing ATK for Sayu will improve her therapeutic from her elemental burst—Yoohoo Artwork: Mujina Flurry. However the therapeutic she offers from her Swirls won’t do a lot to save lots of her group.

    The Mujina Flurry has its limits as a result of it may solely heal characters in its AOE if they’ve a remaining HP of 70% and under. If not, the Mujina Flurry will assault enemies within the AOE.

    If you’re fortunate sufficient to unlock Sayu’s constellation stage 1—Multi-Activity no Jutsu, this limitation will likely be bypassed. This enables the Mujina Flurry to heal and concurrently assault opponents inside its AOE constantly.


    The 5-star claymores in each weapon and commonplace banners are Wolf’s Headstone (WGS) and Serpent Delight.

    WGS enormously will increase Sayu’s ATK. Subsequently, it’s the greatest weapon to extend the therapeutic of her elemental burst. Serpent Delight, nonetheless, may help Sayu with vitality refills to maintain the basic burst up and prepared always.

    For the 4-star claymores, Prototype Archaic, Luxurious Sea-Lord, and Lithic Blade are those which have ATK% as a secondary stat.

    Once more, extra ATK means the next quantity of therapeutic for Sayu’s elemental burst.

    For the Swirl or Elemental Mastery Construct Sayu, the very best claymore accessible is the Rainslasher.

    It presents an Elemental mastery of as much as 160, which might enormously improve Sayu’s Swirl harm and therapeutic by Swirl due to her passive expertise.


    artifact set for a healer at all times features a circlet with Therapeutic Bonus as the primary stat.

    For extra Therapeutic Bonus and Therapeutic Effectiveness, you may have a 2-Piece Maiden Beloved paired with a 2-Piece Ocean-Hued Clam.

    A mix of 2-Piece Gladiator’s Finale and 2-Piece Shimenawa’s Memory may give a complete of 36% ATK bonus.

    You can too have two items of both Maiden Beloved or Ocean-Hued Clam paired with two items of both Gladiator’s Finale or Shimenawa’s Memory.

    For Swirl and Elemental Mastery construct, you may have two items of Wanderer’s Troupe paired with both Maiden Beloved or Ocean-Hued Clam.


    Due to Somebody Extra Succesful—Sayu’s passive expertiseit might be greatest to construct as a lot Elemental Mastery. This may maximize Sayu’s capabilities as a healer and improve her Swirl harm, which she will likely be coping with lots.

    How would you construct and play your little ninja with the issues listed and recommendations above?



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