Wishful Drops occasion and Rhodeia’s Rage problem information


Many Genshin Impression gamers would agree that the Oceanid elite boss is essentially the most annoying one within the sport. So, what if there’s an occasion that revolves round combating it and its summoned creatures? Effectively, that’s precisely what you possibly can count on due to a brand new occasion and problem. Right here’s our information that will help you with Genshin Impression‘s Wishful Drops occasion, the Rhodeia’s Rage problem, and the creature generally known as Endora.

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Genshin Impression information: Wishful Drops occasion, Rhodeia’s Rage problem, and Endora

To start out the Wishful Drops occasion in Genshin Impression, you’ll first want to achieve Journey Rank 20. Then, you’ll should do a quest known as “Life Flows On (I).” It entails speaking to numerous NPCs akin to Katheryne in Mondstadt and a few dude in Daybreak Vineyard. You’ll finally meet a water creature generally known as Endora. You’ll convey her to Springvale and you need to then have the ability to use her as a gadget.

Subsequent, open the Wishful Drops occasion panel and click on on “Endora’s Schooling.” In the event you click on on the icon, you’ll see a marked location on the map. There are 5 exploration areas in Genshin Impression‘s Wishful Drops occasion, however just one is out there right now.

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The fundamentals of exploration areas

Head to the “Sunlit Mountainside” location that’s north of Stone Gate and southwest of Daybreak Vineyard. You’ll discover a number of water creatures right here (the identical beings spawned by Rhodeia the Oceanid).

Equip Endora as a gadget and activate her (default “Z”). Your character’s elemental ability can be changed with Endora’s bubble capacity. Consider it as akin to Amber throwing Baron Bunny round. You’ll be able to maintain “E” to extend the throwing vary, too.

Endora’s bubble will then lure these entities. Your purpose is to catch a number of water illusions (roughly 15 since every creature provides 7% to your progress bar).

Gen Pct Wshdrp Rhd Ev 2Gen Pct Wshdrp Rhd Ev 2

After you’ve reached 100%, head to the marked spot to speak to Endora. This may full that specific exploration.

You’ll obtain 60x primogems, 30,000 mora, and 1x Coronary heart of the Spring.

Notice: Plainly finishing all 5 exploration areas within the coming days will unlock a brand new quest known as “Life Flows On (II)” and, subsequently, Endora as a everlasting gadget in Genshin Impression.

Gen Pct Wshdrp Rhd Ev 3Gen Pct Wshdrp Rhd Ev 3

Coronary heart of the Spring and the Rhodeia’s Rage problem

So, what precisely do you do with the Coronary heart of the Spring? Effectively, you may make your option to the spot the place you usually struggle the Oceanid elite. You’ll see a pillar you can activate to begin the Rhodeia’s Rage problem.

The Rhodeia’s Rage problem in Genshin Impression is kind of completely different from the common Oceanid/Rhodeia struggle. As an alternative of simply taking out the water illusions that she summons, you’ll be attacking her straight. Likewise, you are able to do this solo or through co-op (the problem itself is akin to a particular encounter that may’t be paused).

Notice: Some characters will even have +30% Hydro resistance and power recharge. Examples embrace Ganyu, Rosaria, and Hu Tao. I personally recommend utilizing Ganyu in case you have her as a consequence of her aimed pictures and AoE Cryo blooms.

Genshin Impact Wishful Drops Event Rhodeia's Rage Challenge Endora Guide 1Genshin Impact Wishful Drops Event Rhodeia's Rage Challenge Endora Guide 1

For the primary a part of the encounter, Rhodeia can have assaults like a ahead lunge, a high-impact drop, and a water bomb that’ll chase you. She’ll additionally summon just a few water phantasm mobs you can destroy to deplete her well being.

When you’ve dropped her well being considerably, she’ll change to the following section. She’ll proceed summoning hostiles whereas gaining a few new talents:

  • Water Torrents – These are circles that seem on the bottom to wreck you.
  • Spinning Bomb – Rhodeia will spin round and drop on the ground to deal a large AoE blast.
  • Fitful Rapids – Rhodeia will fireplace a steady stream of water on the bottom. You’ll be able to keep away from this by in search of a marked spot that’ll elevate you greater within the air (form of like a Hydro model of Albedo’s flower elevator).

Anyway, when you’ve defeated Rhodeia, you possibly can acquire your rewards (i.e., Hero’s Wit and different EXP booklets). Assortment requires 40x resin or 1x Coronary heart of the Spring which you’ll receive from the Wishful Drops explorations in Genshin Impression.

Genshin Impact Wishful Drops Event Rhodeia's Rage Challenge Endora Guide 2Genshin Impact Wishful Drops Event Rhodeia's Rage Challenge Endora Guide 2

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